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Cosmetic Injectables

Achieve a more youthful look (without painful surgery) with wrinkle relaxers and fillers. 

Next Appointments – 2nd & 3rd Sep 2022

1-4 AREAS (no lip filler)

 (30 min)

1-4 AREAS (including lip filler)

 (60 min)


Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle relaxers stop stubborn lines in their tracks! Basically this means they temporarily paralyse (or relax) an injected muscle stopping nerve impulses from reaching it so movement is reduced and lines can’t form.

Treatment Areas / Benefits
Starting From $150
Treatment Process

A wrinkle relaxer treatment usually takes about 30 minutes. During your appointment you will also receive a facial assessment where your bespoke treatment plan will be discussed, and the amount of product to be used is decided upon. This will be dependent on the area to be treated and the strength of the muscle. 



Fillers ‘fill’ an area that may have lost elasticity, fat, muscle or bone density. With awell placed filler you can address signs of aging, create more attractive facial contours or simply improve skin hydration.

Treatment Areas / Benefits
Starting From $250
Treatment Process

Filler treatment usually takes about an hour. This includes a facial assessment where your bespoke treatment plan will be discussed. Here, the type and amount of product used will be decided on depending on your specific facial anatomy and concerns.  If getting lip filler, a numbing agent will be applied which takes 15mins. 

Filler in the jawline to slim the neck

Lip filler to improve side profile by balancing the face 

Meet Ailsa Simpson

Aesthetic Consultant

Ailsa has been working in the area of Preventative Medicine, wellness & aesthetics for the past 12 years in Perth. She has a Bachelor or Science (Nursing) from Edith Cowan University along with Certification in Dermal Fillers & Wrinkle Relaxers.

Prior to this she worked in public & private hospitals of Perth as a Registered Nurse as well as overseas. She has a passion for helping women (and men!) look and feel the best they can. 

When it comes to facial aesthetics she prefers a natural look for her clientele – less is more!  This is achieved by listening to each client as an individual, identifying areas for improvement together and developing a treatment plan to assist towards positive wellbeing. It’s really about the whole person to ensure internal health as well as the external.

Her clients return to her because she cares – creating a warm & friendly experience and so in return is able to build trusting long-term relationships.  She likes to maintain her client’s look with “a freshen up, take the edge off maintenance regime!”

So if you are not sure what you need or want or are feeling flat come in and book a complimentary consult with Ailsa.

Limited places. Deposit required

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Achieve a natural more youthful look with wrinkle relaxers and fillers.

Next Appointments – 2nd & 3rd Sep 2022


1-4 AREAS (no lip filler)

 (30 min)


1-4 AREAS (including lip filler)

 (60 min)

Filler for a more natural look

Filler to provide a more defined top lip

Cheek restoration

At a glance, both deliver youthful solutions to your skin and face. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Each consist of different substances that perform different actions and are both used for very different reasons.

Where wrinkle relaxers will stop crinkles and lines from appearing by stopping overactivity of targeted muscles; fillers ‘fill’ to contour and restore volume loss to an area. 

Deciding which one is for you (or both) mostly comes down to the outcome you’re after. 

No, however for safety reasons, you must wait 2 weeks before or after you receive a covid jab before booking.

For safety reasons, we are unable to treat anyone who is pregnant, breast feeding or feeling unwell.  Ailsa will conduct a general assessment on the day and determine your suitability. 

For all new clients it is a legal requirement to obtain a Dr Consent.

Ailsa will do this on the day with you and an organised company /DR via FaceTime. This occurs annually. 

You must also be 21 years or over to receive treatment from Ailsa. 

You can gan get as many areas as you like.

With wrinkle relaxers, you’ll likely see results in 3 days to a week. This gives the product time to work it’s magic on the muscle it’s targeting.

With filler, you get instant results. Yes, we said instant! You’ll likely start off with a couple of days of swelling and it will take a  couple of weeks for the product to soften and settle – but overall, what you see is what you get and who doesn’t love a little instant gratification!?

Thew product is $5 per unit and is approx $150 - $200 for the frown and forehead area for females, and more for males.

Wrinkle relaxers generally last about 3 to 4 months before you start to see the beginnings of muscle movement or lines starting to reappear.

Lip filler / soft filler for around the mouth area is around $550 (1ml).

1ml will last around 6 months.

Cheek and jawline filler is around $650.

Around 1 year.

Yes, once you get to know Ailsa and regularly book appointments when she visits, you can take advantage of her package prices for 3 areas of Wrinkle relaxers.

Ailsa is based in Perth and will only be coming to "Ti Amo" Spa and Beauty every few months for 2 days of appointments only.  Due to the very limited availability we need to guarentee that those who book will attend the appointment. Failure to attend will result in loss of your deposit as compensation for taking up a precious slot. 

Yes. If you are unsure about booking please click HERE to request a call back from Ailsa so you can chat about the treatments and ensure you feel comfortable to reserve an appointment. 

Ailsa will also make contact with all clients who have paid their deposit (to secure their appointment) 2 weeks prior to the treatment to make sure they understand their requirements and to ensure Alisa can bring the right goodies in her toolbox!

The process may feel slightly uncomfortable, however techniques are used to make it as close to pain-free as possible.

Post treatment care is pretty simple for all injectables. 

  • Avoid most makeup – once you’ve received treatment it’s best to wait about 24 hours before applying makeup. If slight bruising does occur, a light mineral makeup is suitable to use. Be sure to gently apply with clean brushes
  • Sleep on your back – try to avoid sleeping on your side or your stomach for about 2 nights. While this may be an easy one for all the ‘back sleepers’ in the world, this can be anxiety inducing for others. But give it a go. We recommend this, particularly for filler, to avoid moving the product and creating asymmetry as it settles
  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours – Exercise can encourage movement/aggravation of both toxin and fillers so do your best to avoid the gym. This also includes yoga; while a slow and meditated practice, its downward movements are not recommended
  • Avoid rubbing your face – to give the injectables time to settle into place, avoid putting pressure on the injection site for a few days. When washing your face, be sure to do it lightly. 

While side effects are extremely rare in both wrinkle relaxers and fillers, it’s important to be aware of potential risks. Before your treatment your cosmetic nurse will discuss both common and rare side effects with you, ensuring you’re fully informed. 

For wrinkle relaxers the most common side effect you may experience is slight redness and (less frequently) minor bruising. With filler you may experience bruising and swelling for a few days. You will be given key before and after care instructions by your nurse to make sure these side effects have minimal impact and your results are optimal.

Allergies or reactions to both tox and filler are extremely rare. But always be on the lookout for any adverse effects you may experience such as hives or inflammatory immune responses, and be sure to see your doctor immediately. 

Info Session

If you have never had fillers or wrinkle relaxers before and are interested and would like more info on how it works and the exact costs for what you need, please come to our special info session with Ailsa, our visting Aesthetic Consultant.

This is also a good opportunity to get to know Ailsa, who will be coming to “Ti Amo” Spa and Beauty every few months to provide cosmetic injectables to our wonderful clients.

"Exceptionally friendly and knowledgable, gave great advice and so very easy to talk to. "Ti Amo" Spa and Beauty is clean, professional and so friendly. Thank you!"
Hart D.
Client Review
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