Jackson WeldonJackson Weldon
08:58 20 Apr 22
I have been coming to Ti Amo for three months, and seeing Jordan for over 12 months. This women is so lovely, keeps great conversations and its a huge assist to the team! Whatever spa Jordan works at I go to because she knows exactly what I want everytime. 10/10 service for brow wax and tint Jordan. Thanks Ti Amo for being so welcoming, I feel like family!
10:55 26 Feb 22
Brilliant service - the ladies are all lovely and very professional. I had eyebrow shaping, waxing and henna upgrade as well as eyelash tinting. Results were fantastic - procedure was done with great care and excellent hygiene. Thank you again ❤️
Jeanette DickerJeanette Dicker
01:23 13 Feb 22
What a beautiful Salon ! Amazed at the quality of your salon and treatments you have . I had a most relaxing Massage and facial with Jordon thank you so much and I will be back .
Christine WilliamsChristine Williams
04:56 09 Jan 22
Had a fantastic morningSo relaxing enjoyed theOxygen facial performed by Samantha very professional and caring, explaining everything she was doing at each step and the benefits to my skin. Which felt amazing.Such a lovely spa and beauty.Great location and I'm so looking forward to my next visit which is Teeth whitening by Samantha 😍
Jessica BanhamJessica Banham
04:45 26 Nov 21
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